​Check this button out. There is nothing you can say about the rarity and desirability of a Texas button.
This cuff has No pushes, cracks, repairs or any such thing. Straight shank and readable " Hyde & Goodrich " backmark. Found in Northern Va. this is one of Hood's boys button. We all know these buttons have skyrocketed in price, so here is your chance to own one at what I think is a very fair price,

Check out this unbelieveable DUG  Maryland Cuff Button. Almost 99.9 % Gilt remaining. That's unreal. Found Northern Va. "Extra Quality " backmark. Just unreal for the discriminating collector. $380.

2 New Great Beauties, Email for specifics
La. Cuff $325

V.M.I. Cadet-Firman & Sons
Blockade Runner button. $425.